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error 502

The 1st art thesis exhibition by students in the 4th year of education in Media Arts and Design Programme, the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University aims at promoting works created through 4-year study. Topics, upon an interest of each individual, are expressed through practice of contemporary media arts and design, not pure abstract art, with an emphasis on establishing an understanding, as well as criticizing complex issues surrounding us through visual culture which does not adhere to any particular knowledge frameworks or presentation techniques. Rather, it incorporates knowledge of culture, arts, design, mass media, politics, and economics into a creation of media arts and design works in various forms as contemporary cultural activity pertaining to and beneficial to the public, as well as individuals. Apart from the exhibition, there will be discussion, lecture, and other practices that will offer benefits to a field of contemporary media arts and culture. This exhibition is staged under the title “ERROR 502”.